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Best South African Bonsai, Hannes Down


The following trees are all by Hannes Fritz of Suikerbos Bonsai Community in South Africa. Hannes doesn't list the species on most, so you're on your own.

We'll start with this rather unique more-or-less ball shaped bonsai. But don't leave it at that. A closer look reveals a whole world of activity. Considering that it looks like an Olive and South Africa has the right climate for Olives, well, you might take a wild guess...

Though Hannes doesn't list the names of most of his tree on FB, he lists this one and several others as part of as his Celtis (Hackberry) collection.

Almost looks like a different planting with all the leaves hiding the flowing lines of the individual trees. Still and impressive forest.

Fall color and some idea of the sheer magnitude of the planting.

This one looks like it might be a raft or sinuous root planting. Unfortunately it's in trouble. Here's Hannes caption: Thought the group would like this. Most likely the last picture of this tree. I'm slowly loosing the apex, not much I can do about it. The main feeding line supporting the apex is dying and I don't know why.

Here's another one from Hannes' Celtis collection.

Waterfall style? No variety listed.

Looks like white might be in trouble. Is this Celtis a reinforcement?


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