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South of the Bonsai Border



Can something be both dynamic and relaxed? Or does it even make sense to talk about a bonsai as relaxed? In any case, this unique beauty makes its home at the Museo Tatsugoro - Estudio De Bonsai Miguel Ros, Fortin, Veracruz, Mexico. In case you're wondering, what happened to the top of the photo, the answer is just below. For many more great photos where this came from, here's you link

I’ve long been fascinated with Mexico and have been visiting somewhat  regularly since college years. But I’ve never been to Veracruz. Guess it’s time to put it on the agenda.

Siempre he estado fascinado con México y han estado visitando algo regularmente desde los años de colegio. Pero nunca he estado en Veracruz. Imagino que es hora de poner en el orden del día. 

All of the photos shown here are borrowed from the Museo Tatsugoro – Estudio De Bonsai Miguel Ros, Fortin, Veracruz, Mexico


The uncropped original with this Spanish caption... Excelente mitad de semana :) Palo de tinta. My translation (with more than a little help from Free Excellent mid-week. Ink stick (is Ink stick a common name for this tree?)


Shohin in hand. This one is identified as Ligustrum (Privet). No species is given


An unidentified tree with ample character. The caption reads... Excelente martes. Excellent Tuesday. Not much help


Olivo demás de 80 años. 80 year old Olive. Olives were originally brought from Spain in the early days of colonization.


Tropical paradise


No caption with this one


Excelente jueves :D Mangle trabajado por Noelanders Marc. Excellent Thursday. Mangrove worked by Marc Noelanders


Excelente martes :) Enriquebeltrania. Excellent Tuesday. Enriquebeltrania.  As you might imagine, Free Translation offered no help with Enriquebeltrania. Yusup Bonsai was tacked onto the end of the caption


No variety given. Just another 'excellent start to the week.' In English no less


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