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Suthin's Stunning Bonsai


Root-on-rock Shimpaku juniper by Suthin Sukosolvisit. It's hard to imagine how such a large tree can stay healthy on that rock. Especially when it's sharing soil with the other plants.

We've got Suthin Sukosolvisit's trees today. Just in case you don't know him, Suthin is one of our truly gifted Bonsai artists and seemingly friend to everyone in our North American bonsai community.

Another Shimpaku by Suthin. You can provide your own superlatives.

This Shimpaku looks like it's more in the shohin size range. Suthin specializes in shohin but has produced plenty of larger top notch bonsai as well.

Japanese black pine.

Another black pine.

A Japanese black pine in the hand is worth... on a stand.

Another shohin Japanese black pine. Over the years Suthin has grown and styled seemingly hundreds if not thousands of JBPs. Mostly, but not exclusively, shohin size.
Here's a Suthin pine that's definitely not shohin.

Another favorite of Suthin's is Willow leaf ficus (F. nerifolia). And then there's that pot. Red pots aren't that common. They tend to be expensive and can overwhelm the tree. Though in this case the tree seems to be holding its own.

Another shohin Willow leaf ficus.

And finally: an orange.

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