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The Pacific Bonsai Museum


Forest planting tucked away in its cozy winter shelter at the Pacific Bonsai Museum. All of today's photos are from the PBM—they labeled some, and others they did not. Because we're swamped with spring sales, we're going to forgo most labeling. This will hopefully encourage you to dig into their archives. And do visit them in person if you get the chance, it's a trip that any bonsai lover will... love.

This magnificent forest like many other trees at the PBM are winterized right in their year round display location, which allows them to stay on display all year, and bonus no one has to move them!

Weird tree.

They've a special building for tropicals.

Beginner's bonsai class. One of the PBM's many activities. It's more than just a place to go to look at trees.

Guests are welcome year round. Winter weather is often often mild in the PNW.

The setting is magical. Little trees surrounded by towering giants.

Recognize this one? Think Larch Master Nick (and no, this one is not a larch).

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