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Sweet Trees, but They Grow Microscopically…


boonkingYou can tell this is a genuine Dwarf Kingsville boxwood by the tight tiny leaves. This planting by Boon Manakitivipart was the winner of the Certre Award at the 2010 U.S. National Bonsai Exhibition.

Continuing with Kingsville boxwoods and with Boon (see above), we’ve got three more Dwarf Kingsvilles today. Sweet trees, but they grow microscopically, so don’t expect fat trunks any time soon.

rodmainThis has to one of the most perfectly conceived and executed Kingsville boxwoods you'll see anywhere. It belongs to Rodney Clemons, who wrote the following... “I am feeling honored I received word this week that two of my trees have been accepted for the 2018 US National Exhibition. I think they just really love to travel. Photo by Joe Noga, Container by an unknown Chinese artist, Stand by Charlie Clemons.”


1071A great pot and the finishing touches that the moss and soil present, don’t hurt this sweet little bonsai at all. This photo originally appeared on the cover of Bonsai Today issue 107. The tree belongs to Michael Persiano (co-editor of our Masters’ Series Pine book). You can see and read about its earlier stages of development in Bonsai Today issue 97.

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