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Bonsai, Body Art & a Creative Solution for a Problem Tree


Rainbow, blue sky, soft wall shadows. The bonsai are almost an afterthought. It's David Benavente's bonsai garden at just the right moment. Here's link to the first time we posted this photo along with more from David's garden

Three photos, each drifting a little farther from just bonsai, but still on the same planet. I hope you enjoy them 

It don't know if any of you are offended by naked bodies, or in this case, part of a naked body. Cover your eyes if you are

Bonsai-esque Body Art at its best. I found it here. We use to feature bonsai related tats years ago, but it's been a while


I'll bet you can't guess what this is. It goes under the heading of 'Who would do such a thing?' 
Hint, it's part of a story about something almost no one has ever thought of doing with a large problem tree in their front yard. It's from our one of our favorite brilliant bonsai teachers and friends, Michael Hagedorn


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