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The Bonsai of Pedro Morales


Sweet tree, sweet pot. Pedro Morales says that it's a shohin size bonsai from his cousin Carlos C. Morales. The pot is Japanese. Glen Lord suggested that the tree is a type of Ixora. For those of you who don’t know Pedro Morales, he’s a well known bonsai artist, teacher and author from Puerto Rico. All of today's trees are his.

I like this Nea buxifolia's natural feel and smooth clean lines, which are echoed by the smooth simple lines of the pot. BTW: if you're having trouble finding it, Nea is sometimes spelled Neea.

This Nea groove reflects a natural growth pattern, with the oldest trees near the center and the smaller younger trees leaning out for light.

While we're showing Nea... I don't know if this is also a buxifolia, or another species (a quick web search didn't turn any other Nea species up, but the emphasis is on quick).

Another simple, clean tree in a smooth clean pot. This one is an Astromelia.

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