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Larch Season


Mauro Stemberger calls this European Larch (Larix decidua) Autumn Gold. It's part of his ItalianBonsaiDream collection.

Today we've got some larches for you. We live at the southern reaches of their range here in Northern Vermont where then tend to turn about three weeks after the maples, oaks and all the rest. So for the last couple weeks they have been putting on a magnificent yellow to gold grand fall finale for our enjoyment. Gratis too!

Here's another European larch after all the autumn gold is gone. Turns out that it too was once part of the Mauro's Italian Bonsai Dream collection. It now belongs to Walter Pall.

The Guardian of Laments is Giacomo Pappalardo's name for this magnificent old European larch (Larix decidua).

Lots of action in the old trunk.

A well developed apex makes for an impressive tree.

It would be remiss to feature larches and not mention Nick. This one is another American Larch (aka Tamarack) by Larch Master Nick Lenz. The photo is from the 6th U.S. National Bonsai Exhibition

Here's an American larch originally by Nick Lenz that lives at the Pacific Bonsai Museum.

When I first glimpsed this photo, I though maybe it was a painting. In addition to being a great bonsai, it's a good example of what early fall color looks like on a Larch. Also a good example of what larch cones look like. I'll take a not-so-wild guess that it was collected somewhere in Europe. Which would make it a European larch (Larix decidua). The photo is from the National Exhibition in Switzerland (Mostra Nazionale Svizzera 2016). The artist is Nicola Kitora Crivelli.

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