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Yamadori Spruce Bonsai, Before & After


Before and after yamadori Englemann spruce by Todd Schlafer

Here's Todd Schlafer's caption with this rugged old tree... "Before and after Englemann Spruce. I was given this tree to nurse back to health. Once that was achieved the owner decided to sell it, so I purchased it"


Before. Rough shape but the potential is there in the hands of the right person


Looks like Todd was the right person. You don't see rebar used all that often (see the closeup below) 


I cropped this one for a closer look. Though it's hard to tell exactly what's going on, It looks the rebar serves to push the top of tree forward just a bit and perhaps push the back branch further back 


Just in case you're wondering about the gap under the base of the tree... In the comments (on facebook) when Mike Andrew Humphrey asked... "Any plan to lower it in the pot so you don’t see space under it Todd? " Todd's replied... "yep. The next repot I’ll Have the deadwood on the right hanging over the pot"

You can visit Todd on fb for more on this tree and numerous others 

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