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Suthin's Shohin Bonsai Gems, plus 1


I cropped this one for a close look at the trunk and deadwood. It belongs to Suthin. The original is just below

We can't go too long without visiting our old friend Suthin Sukosolvisit. One of our very best bonsai artists and friend to countless bonsai lovers (and no doubt others as well)

I picked these small gems (plus the larger Trident below) off Suthin's fb timeline. No varieties are given, but at least we know who the artist is 


The uncropped original. Looks like a field grown Shimpaku juniper that had the twists put in when it was still young and pliant


Looks like a Japanese black pine. There are several ways to identify black pines. One of the best is counting the number of needles in a bundle - two for black pines - though it's not foolproof as there are other two needle pines


I won't guess this time


Not the first time Suthin has used an apple for perspective. It wasn't that long ago that some people used cigarette packs. Looks like it could be another black pine


Looks like this old Trident maple is swallowing its rock. A bit like a python with prey, only much slower and the rock doesn't really care


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