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Two Potentilla Bonsai



Would you ever guess that these two little gems are Potentilla? Both are sweet in their own way, and so's the photo; the muted painterly background, the contrasting pot colors and contrasting dead and live wood on both trees. I don't know what the little companion is, but I like it too. I found it on Roman Stresow's timeline. His caption is Just two Potentilla

When I saw the photo above and then read that the trees were Potentilla (aka Cinquefoil), I felt a little tug of excitement. Not only were both little trees unique, but they’re Potentilla, a type tree I have often admired, both in the wild (the Rockies) and in my garden.


No dimentsions are given, but I imagine this is a Shohin. Especially since Roman Stresow posted it on the Shohin and Mame Bonsai group

Speaking of my garden and Potentilla… a few days ago my friend and I were cutting back perennials when I came across an old Potentilla that’s not doing too well. I mentioned that I’ve long wanted to try a bonsai potentilla and now here’s my chance (but we’ll have to wait until the spring, the fall digging season has past). I won’t say I can’t wait, because I have to, but it’s one more spring project to look forward to and spring is right around the corner (in about seven months!)



The small sweet one with it's even smaller companion. Looks like a handmade pot (I'm not sure about the pot in the photo above).

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