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Unique Bonsai Motor World


Here's a monster Taxus (Yew) by Mariusz Komsta aka Bonsaimotorworld. The trees below are his as well.

Nice scroll too.

I don't think I've ever seen a formal upright Trident maple. Until now at least.


I think it only snows occasionally at Bonsaimotorworld.

Looks like a Trident maple. Mariusz's caption: Ichi go ichi e - This year quite different colors .. FOR SALE. Ichi-go ichi-e is an old Japanese proverb that means one opportunity, one encounter.

By the way, Mariusz is in the process of selling his nursery. Or at least all the trees and everything else he offers. In that light, here's his caption: Still many trees 🌲… if you are happy to visit and buy whatever tree you like , garden tables and pots ( accent, bonsai and prebonsai ), lanterns , kake and complements you are welcome.

Nice studio. Here's Mariusz's caption: I know what to do with myself ... do Bonsai and pluck needles.

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