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Remarkable Bonsai


Here's a root-over-rock Trident maple by David Benavente that's for sale. His caption reads: 🍁 Autumn is certainly a special time to enjoy maple trees. This rock-grabbed burgerianum is one of the delights of many garden visitors.

This remarkable wild and wonderfully expressive tree was posted by our friend Michael Hagedorn (Crataegus Bonsai) at the recent Pacific Bonsai Expo. Michael is the author of Bonsai Heresy, the book that 'took and shook' our whole world and Post Dated, long my favorite bonsai read. As is the case in photos shot at expos, trype of tree and owner usually remain a mystery. I guess you'll have to wait for Jonas Dupuich's upcoming show album.

I suppose this one is not exactly a bonsai but it's not that far from our art. It was posted by Ancient Forests and Champion Trees. Here's the caption: 800 Year Old Oak Tree! It is called Majesty, or the Fredville Oak, and is located in Fredville Park, Nonington, Kent.

I found this Hinoki cypress at Bonsai Empire. It's originally from Bonsai Harmony — at 藤川光華園 in Ikeda Osaka, Japan.

This massive Douglas fir appears on both Walter Pall and Mauro Stemberger's timelines. Here's the caption: Let’s start the US tour in Chicago with this beautiful Douglas Fir from my friend Dan Turner collection At Hidden Gardens.

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