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Uniquely Outrageous, Innovative and Just Plain Wonderful Bonsai


This one might be just a little too lush for a Literati but it's close enough for me. The others tend towards  the more humble and sparse look you might expect with literati


I'm floored by these stunningly graceful and unique Chinese Literati treasures. For me, they provide a break from the numerous photos I see daily of wonderful but more conventional bonsai. Their unpredictable shapes and directions and sometimes just plain weirdness make me want to try my hand (there are a few candidates on my land, but we'll have to wait a couple generations to achieve the aged bark that pushes these over the top). And by the way, great pots and stands never hurt.
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Thanks to John Cavendish (JC Bonsai) president of the Hastings Bonsai Group, Port Macquarie Australia, for cluing us in to these great photos. John's source is Penjing Australia. The original source is in Chinese. Here's what Amazon Free Translation came up with... The weeping branches are incredible (Han Xuenian, Master Album)








Here's your link for more of these great trees


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