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Koji's Before & After Bonsai



Before and After juniper by Koji Hiramatsu. Koji doesn't say what kind of juniper it is, but it looks like it could be Shimpaku that was field grown to look like a yamadori (bonsai collected from the wild)

I've never counted, but my best guess is we've featured at least two thousand before and after bonsai posts in the ten plus years we've been blogging. So let's make it at least 2001 with this radical transformation by Koj Hiramatsu


Before. It always helps to start with good stock. In this case the multiple trunks and elaborate branching provide plenty to work with


After. When I first glimpsed it, this radically transformed tree jumped out at me. Koji could have taken a conservative path with a more serene look, but he chose to go for something daring by creating, exposing and enhancing so much wild looking deadwood

For more before and after and other bonsai delights, you can visit Koji Hiramastsu on fb

As long as we're on the topic of Junipers, have you seen our Masters Series Book, Growing and Styling Juniper Bonsai?


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