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Walter's 10,000th Before & After Bonsai


Before and after of a European black pine by Walter Pall. It was originally collected in Austria by Robert Barth (Walter's specs are below)

Walter Pall again. And why not? Walter is amazingly prolific, the quality of his material is consistently high and the results of his considerable skills continue to impress, even after the 10,000th* tree

*I hope you know 10,000 is an exaggeration. But still, if you've been following Walter for as long as some of us, you get the idea


After. Slab by Jan Culek 




Before. We don't have any pics from when it was dug, so we'll settle for this


In transition


Further along


Placing the tree on the slab


Finishing touches by the man himself  


After. Close up for a better look at the details

For more before and after bonsai by Walter you can visit his Bonsai Adventures blog 

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