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Some of the Most Exquisite Bonsai You'll See Anywhere (if I exaggerate, it's only by a little)


 The illustrious Japanese red pine (Pinus densiflora) won the Prime Minister Award at the 45th Sakufu-ten Exhibition which is being held at the Ueno Green Club. It belongs to Mr. Taiga Urushibata. The pot is Shozan. I cropped the original for a closer look. It's below

Not much today, just some of the most exquisite bonsai you'll see anywhere (if I exaggerate, it's only by a little). They're from the 45th Sakufu-ten Exhibition, which is being held at the Ueno Green Club in Tokyo.  I found them on Boon's timeline. He found them on Makiko Koba's timeline (if you pay attention to Boon, good things will come to you)

 See what I mean when I say 'some of the most exquisite bonsai you'll see anywhere'? No info is provided but this one is clearly a Juniper that looks a lot like a Shimpaku. Though there are other very similar varieties of juniper that are sometimes hard to distinguish from Shimpaku (Itoigawa and Kishu come to mind; same genus, same species, but different varieties)


Again no variety given, but the flower and the leaves bring a type of Azalea to mind


Does this little guy list to the right? Or is it just me?


This can only be a Chojubai flowering quince


One of the better Shohin displays you'll see. We'll leave the guessing to you


The original photo 

 If you'd like more, here's your link to Makiko Koba's timeline
And here's your link to Boon's (remember, good things happen if you pay attention to Boon)

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