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Bare Boned Bonsai in All their Glory


In spite of our Bare Bonsai title (Bill Valavanis wrote 'Naked Bonsai') the tree in this rather unique display has leaves. It and the other photos shown here are courtesy of Bill and are from the recently completed Winter Silhouette Bonsai Expo in Kannapolis, North Carolina

Here's a quote that I borrowed from Bill Valavanis, about the recent 2019 7th Winter Silhouette Bonsai Expo...
"This premier event featuring naked bonsai in all their glory is sponsored by Steve Zeisel only to promote bonsai. He is an advance hobbyist who truly wants to share the love he has for bonsai with others. The unique venue is the perfect location to showcase beautiful bonsai and to allow artists the freedom to express their bonsai and show creative bonsai displays."

There are so many good ones, but there's no way I can show them all here, so I just picked a few, almost randomly (the emphasis is on 'almost'). I hope I didn't miss your favorite. Or worse, your entry
Continued below...


Looks like a Persimmon

Continued from above...
Judging results from the 2019 Winter Silhouette Bonsai Expo as judged by William N. Valavanis:
"Best Evergreen Bonsai - Adair Marin
Best Deciduous Bonsai - Stu Charlesworth
Best Fruiting Bonsai - Mac McAtee
Best Bonsai Display - Gary Clark
Best Tropical Bonsai - Rob Kempinski
Best Native Bonsai awarded by the American Bonsai Society:
American Beech - Julian Adams"

The individual trees aren't labeled, nor are their labels for which tree belongs to whom, so your guesses are as good as mine.


I like this one a lot. The tree is a good one and then there's the way the little orange companion reflects the orange scroll.


I would give this one the 'strongest tree in show' award. If such a thing existed. 



Looks like the stand was built for a cascading bonsai. By the way, that's a long way from the base to the tip of the cascade. No mean feat.


A seasonally correct companion planting. Nice pot too.


Nice Penjing style planting.


This one speaks for itself.



I have a soft spot for a good Hinoki cypress... assuming this is a Hinoki. 



A shot of part of the venue from above.

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