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Wonderful Bonsai by Andres Alvarez Iglesias


We've got some super trees in perfect settings by Andres Alvarez Iglesias. The photographs are courtesy of Santi Lorenzo Borda, and according to Andres, "They are wonderful as always."

No IDs are provided for the trees, so you'll have to enjoy them nameless. 


Here's that little companion piece in the photo above. 

Another of Andres' trees. Everything about it suggests Ginkgo. 

Muscular! We could guess, but we won't. Can't quite make out the little complimentary piece....

... but this might help.

Here's Andres' caption with this one, There are trees that are engraved in our retina once contemplated. This is definitely one of them.. let's walk together, reinventing ourselves and reinventing ourselves.


Gallery Sources: 
Andres Alvarez Iglesias on FB
Andres on Bonsai Bark

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