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Post-Dated - The Schooling of an Irreverent Bonsai Monk

Post-Dated - The Schooling of an Irreverent Bonsai Monk

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"Post Dated is an illuminating book for those seeking the true meaning of bonsai... revealing how bonsai opens our hearts to compassion and the poignant beauty of nature." -Felix Laughlin, President, National Bonsai Foundation

"Post-Dated is at once an entertaining narrative... and an examination of the meaning and soul of bonsai that is rarely discussedor even understoodby Western teachers." -David DeGroot, teacher and curator, Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection.

"Michaels thoughts and experiences are accurate, informative and well-written. I was captivated by his book and could not put it down until I finished it! -William N. Valavanis, teacher and publisher of International Bonsai magazine.

"No one has accomplished as much as Michael did in Japan, and he will bring American bonsai to a higher standard." -Boon Manakitivipart, bonsai artist and teacher.

"Michael's book can spread the messages that I have always wanted to express.... peoples hopes and dreams manifested through true works of bonsai..." -Shinji Suzuki, Kokufu and Prime Minister Award-winning bonsai master.

If youre still not convinced, here's my two cents... spent a few delightful hours at 30,000 feet with Michael's book, contemplating the nature of bonsai and human folly (and wisdom), all wrapped together with a playful sense of humor and respect. Don't miss it! It's a must for anyone who loves bonsai. Or anyone who just loves a good read.

Softcover - 5" x 7 - 216 pages

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