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Good Shots, Great Trees at the World Bonsai Convention



This and the other shots shown here are from the 8th World Bonsai Convention. As you can see, part of the pot is missing. I usually like to see one photo of the entire tree, including the pot, and then close up partials, but we'll take what we can get. Besides it's a good shot of a great tree

 All the shots shown here are from the 8th World Bonsai Convention that was held in Saitama Japan (April, 2017).  Most are partials (art shots?). No varieties are given, nor are they attributed. This is common with shots from bonsai shows in Japan (elsewhere too, in many cases)


No pot at all in this shot. Still, another good tree, though pretty unconventional with almost all the foliage on one side and reverse taper on the trunk which is usually considered a no-no, but no problem here. Another feature worth noting is how the rugged live vein play a prominent roll, even though the tree is dominated by deadwood. It's not unusual to see deadwood dominated trees with only a quick peek at the live vein, or in some cases not even that


A whole tree with the pot this time. Impressive heavy trunk and rugged bark give this one an ancient look. No mention of variety, but it looks a lot like a Japanese white pine 


A partial this time that highlights the deadwood. Based on the foliage, it looks like it could be yew (Taxus)


 This strange shot might beg a question of two


One more partial. I like the way the rich foliage is draped over and around the deadwood. This tight low foliage and impressively aged deadwood give the feeling of countless years spent in harsh high elevation conditions


The photo is too cluttered, but the price is right. This famous tree is said to have sold for $900,000.00


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