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A Magnificent Celebration of American Bonsai Coming Soon


b1nat5winnerWinner of the Finest Bonsai Masterpiece at the 5th U.S. National Bonsai Exhibition. It's a Mountain Hemlock (Tsuga Mertensiana) that belongs to Eric Schikowski. The photo is by Joseph Noga as are all the photos in Exhibition Albums 2-5.

Just a friendly reminder…
It’s time to make your plans. The 6th U.S. National Bonsai Exhibition is the premier North American celebration of bonsai. The one event you don’t want to miss and it’s only a little more than two months away. We look forward to seeing you there!


Time to register and make your accommodations plans and Bill Valavanis has all the information you need right here

4-5This Colorado blue spruce won the All American Award (Finest American Species in an American Container, Displayed on an American Table) at the 5th U.S. National Bonsai Exhibition. It belongs to Jason Eider.


Another Colorado blue spruce. This one won the ABS North American Bonsai Award at the 5th U.S. Exhibition. It belongs to Todd Schlafer

The following is from Bill Valavanis’ Exhibition website
“The world bonsai community will once again be enriched by the display of bonsai gathered from across the United States at the 6th U.S. National Bonsai Exhibition, September 8-9, 2018, in Rochester, NY

“Like Japan’s Kokufu Bonsai Exhibition, people from around the world attend the U.S. National Bonsai Exhibitions to appreciate and study the diversity of the unique and distinctive species displayed by accomplished bonsai artists from across the United States.

“Towering bonsai from the Pacific Northwest, rugged bonsai from the Rocky Mountains, and tropical bonsai from the Southern swampy regions will be displayed alongside weathered bonsai from the Southwestern deserts and refined deciduous bonsai from the Northeast.”


Immigrant species are welcome. This Japanese black pine is also from the 5th U.S. National Exhibition. It belongs to John Kirby. You can find it and over 200 other distinctive bonsai in the 5th Exhibition Album. We still have some albums from the 4th Exhibition as well (1,2 & 3 are sold out, and according to Bill, there are no plans to reprint)

About 6 weeks ago I dug about 70 field grown trees (mostly Larch) from my land and put them in training pots. My plan is to offer some of them at the upcoming 6th U.S. National Bonsai Exhibition in September. Almost immediately after digging they started rooting and pushing healthy new foliage. Now, it’s time to fertilize, so today they’ll each get a handful (more or less depending on the tree’s size) of Green Dream Fertilizer pellets, with an application of Micro Total to follow next week.


I’ll continue to use Green DreamDyna-gro Bonsai Pro liquid and Micro Total through the summer, tapering off in August to just a couple light applications of Green Dream and Micro Total in order to slow growth  and hopefully end up with nice tight foliage for the show.
We look forward to seeing you there!

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