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American Bonsai Originals


MMAINI think this tree has something to say about just how far American bonsai has come. It's a Japanese white pine by Ryan Neil. From his Bonsai Mirai website.

Yesterday we featured a Bald cypress that belongs to Ryan Neil (Bonsai Mirai). This got me thinking about just how long we’ve been featuring Ryan’s trees. Turns out it has been exactly seven years (August, 2011). Here it is, our first post devoted solely to Ryan’s bonsai. It was titled Elevating the Art of Bonsai in the West. As always I’ve made a few changes.

M2Pygmy Cypress (Cupressus pigmaea). Here's a quote from Wikipedia... "Cupressus pigmaea, the Mendocino cypress or pygmy cypress, is a taxon of disputed status in the genus Cupressus endemic to certain coastal terraces and coastal mountain ranges of Mendocino and Sonoma Counties in northwestern California. It is a highly variable tree, and closely related to Cupressus goveniana,enough to sometimes be considered a subspecies of it."


M3Japanese Boxwood (Buxus microphylla japonica)


M4Needle juniper (Juniperus rigida)

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