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Attention to Detail, Skill and Precision



Part of large Penjing scene. The full construction is just below. The photo is from Hong Kong Bonsai Pots

I’ve long been fascinated by Penjing tray plantings  The best exhibit remarkable attention to detail, skill and precision, resulting in dramatic scenes that can transport the viewer to places beyond their ordinary experience. Or if we’ve become jaded, then maybe just a yawn while we scroll to the next photo…

All the photos in this post are borrowed from Hong Kong Bonsai Pots


The whole magnificent scene. The open white spaces represent water. There's a boat with an orangish sail center front (you can see it better in the photo above). These small almost incidental traces of humans are common features in Penjing and are usually sized quite small in contrast to the grandeur of nature


A litter softer than the one above with less dramatic rocks and more developed trees. Is that a boat?


A single large clump style* tree on the banks of quiet pond or slow stream.
 *We've been featuring clump style bonsai lately (here and here)


Jagged, towering rocks dwarfing human buildings. Perhaps the buildings on the larger rock are a monastery. There's a small, almost imperceptible village on the banks of the river to the right


The large rock. I can see at least one man made structure that I missed in the photo above


The smaller rock and village. A little fuzzy in this blown up photo, but still a pretty good look at the village


A simple forest provides a little change of pace. Or maybe it's not so simple?

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