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"I Love this Yew" - David Benavente's Enchanted Estudio de Bonsai


Here's David Benavente's caption for this tree... "Qué buena evolución! Ya está a punto de brotar otra vez! Me encanta este tejo! " And here's a pretty good machine* translation. "What a good evolution! It is about to sprout again! I love this yew" I cropped David out of the original photo (it's just below) for a look at just the tree

I'm seeing lots of deadwood dominate trees these days. Like what you saw (and still see) in Japan during the Kimura heyday back in the 20th century.

Only now, much of the deadwood is rougher and less finished looking. And though I appreciate the Japanese masterpiece junipers with their smooth white deadwood (see below), still I think more rugged deadwood is a positive trend, especially for naturalistic bonsai lovers

I've long been a fan of David Benavente. His bonsai are exceptional, as is the way he displays them in his enchanted Estudio de Bonsai (I dug out a couple old photos for you, see below). And then there's his always photogenically cheerful demeanor. Portraits of a happy bonsai artist

The original photo with David's two thumbs up


Cropped for a closer look at the deadwood and ground cover

  A piece of David's enchanted Estudio of Bonsai. From 2011


Shadow dancing. Also from 2011


Here's an example of a highly stylized Juniper from Japan...

 This magnificent masterpiece is the handiwork of Isao Omachi

  *Machine translations have come a long way in the last couple years

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