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Two Phenomenal Bonsai & an Uncommon Companion


I'm not sure I've ever seen a Privet* with such great ramification and overall development. It belongs to Mauro Stemberger 

I've been meaning to show you these photos that Harry Harrington took at this fall's Bonsai San Show and now that I'm finally getting around to it, I'm wondering what took me so long. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do

Here's part of what Harry wrote about them... "I finally got a full set of images from the European Bonsai San Show in Saulieu edited and published on

My express thanks have to go to Stephanie Fred Chenal for the work they put in to what is my favourite European Bonsai Show. It really is worth putting the time into traveling to Burgundy next October!

Pictured here are an exceptional Privet from Mauro Stemberger, one of the best Norway Spruce I’ve ever seen by Luis Balino and a beautiful accent from Russ Farley"
Continued below...


I cropped the photo above for a closer look at the brilliant ramification and the rest of this impressive tree 

Continued from above...
If you'd like a lot more information as well as the links Harry included, you can visit him on Facebook, and for a lot more Bonsai San photos you can also visit his excellent bonsai4me website

Stay posted for more of Harry's photos from Bonsai San

*As long as we're on the subject of Privets and Harry, he's got some great ones too. You can find them on his bonsai4me and in his bonsai books (see below)


This exceptional accent plant is by Russ Farely


Harry's original shot of what he calls... "one of the best Norway Spruce I’ve ever seen by Luis Balino"


I cropped the photo just above for a closer look


And here's a real close up that Harry took 

 Stay posted for more of Harry's great shots from the Bonsai San Show. We've just scratched the surface


 Two of Harry's Excellent Bonsai Books
Now part of our Holiday Special at Stone Lantern


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