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Would You Pay $350,000.00 for a Bonsai?


Show stopper. The price on this Shimpaku (Sargent juniper) is a mere $350,000. It was offered and sold! at the recent Nippon Bonsai Taikan Exhibition (the evidence on the price is below). All the photos shown here are courtesy of Bill Valavanis

All the photos shown here are trees that were offered for sale at this year’s Nippon Bonsai Taikan Exhibition. You can find these and other great photos. along with details on Bill Valavanis' Bonsai Blog

23 Million yen is the asking price for this Shimpaku juniper. That's a mere 230,000 dollars 


Many of the trees offered were styled by Masahiko Kimura (The Magician).
This Japanese black pine by Mr Kimura sold for $30,000 (the red tag indicates the tree was sold)


Another Japanese black pine. Only $58,000 (divide the yen by 100 to get the price in U.S. dollars)


Here's Bill's caption for this one...
"Sargent juniper created by Shinji Suzuki which has won numerous awards and has been popular in
exhibitions and print. The red tapes on the signs indicate the item has been sold.
Sold US$180,000.


Here's the one at the top of the post with the evidence


Looks like some great demos, including one by Bill. It's this weekend 
so there's still time to make your plans if you are anywhere near Kannapolis, NC


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