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Bonsai At Its Best - Tour Omiya Bonsai Art Museum


Today we've one of our favorites, Omiya Bonsai Art Museum in Saitama, Japan. Scroll down and enjoy a magnificent bonsai feast. 

You don't see many trees that are as distinctive and altogether outstanding as this one. Unless you're somewhere like the Omiya Bonsai Art Museum, which is where this photo was taken. It wasn't identified, but at a glance and with a nebari like that, I'd say maple. Except for how white it is (could it be a Japanese beech?). Anyway, the profusion of so many flowing branches with such fine ramification all the way out to the tips, along with that nebari, make for a tree that's designed to stop minds. 

We've shown this one before, but the photo shows it in a different light (literally). I don't know what kind of pine it is, though it looks like it could be a Japanese white, nor do I know if the rock is natural or manmade. But I do know that that together the result is just right. 

Without the leaves you might confuse Japanese maples with Trident maples. Both can feature dominant nebari. However, Japanese maples tend to be more delicate than Tridents and this one has that delicate feel. 

Nice raft (perhaps sinuous root) style Japanese white pine. 

Here's a powerful tree for you. I can't see the foliage clearly enough to guess (perhaps yew or shimpaku juniper?)

Nice shot. Looks like a shimpaku juniper in winter color. 


This one looks like a shimpaku in summer color. 

We've shown various photos of this tree four or five times over the years, but I think this shot with such lovely sunset (sunrise?) light is perhaps the best of all. 

Gnarly works for this one. Or Gnarled too. How about very old?

A piece of the Museum, bird's eye view.


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