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Bonsai at the Intersection of Environmental Art, Durational Art, Performance, Architecture, and Design



There's more than the tree to bonsai. This photo with the brilliantly conceived pot and stand - and the way they both emphasize and elevate (literally) the tree - perfectly illustrates this point. It's from a special event flyer posted by Pacific Bonsai Museum titled LAB, Living Art of Bonsai. The date is August 4th. The rest of the details are here

This event looks and sounds so compelling that if it weren’t for previous unbreakable commitments, I’d be making my reservations right now. But perhaps you can be lucky!

Here’s part of the copy from the Pacific Bonsai Museum about the upcoming LAB
In a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home on the outskirts of Seattle, Pacific Bonsai Museum presents the exclusive first performance of the LAB (Living Art of Bonsai): an experimental collaborative pushing the limits of bonsai design. Guests explore the intersection of environmental art, durational art, performance, architecture, and design, as they witness the creation of a living sculpture and watch as three renowned artists–Ryan Neil (bonsai artist), Ron Lang (ceramicist) and Austin Heitzman (furniture maker)–resequence traditional bonsai practices under the influence of a work of an iconic American architect….” The rest of the copy and essential event details (including the date, August 4th)  are here

PACIFICBMHere's the original photo from the Museum

This is not the first time the Pacific Bonsai Museum
has conceived and executed such ground breaking events…

10mhThis photo presents a piece of a Mountain hemlock planting by Michael Hagedorn's with a painting of Mt Rainer. It was part of the Pacific Bonsai Museum’s Strikingly Beautiful Mix of Bonsai & Paintings  that took place last year

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