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Bonsai Pioneer Mas Ishii & Michael Bonsai



Here's Michael's (Michael Bonsai) caption for this tree... "I was “craving” to style my 80 year old Masaru-Ishii grafted juniper. I’ve never been really happy how it was prior styled. - This is the first time I really like the outcome, because I styled it myself and was motived after a long stretch of engineering and work and not being able to do “hands on” bonsai." I cropped Michael's photo (see below) for a closer look

I’ve long appreciated the quality of Michael Bonsai’s photos. And his trees. This one originated with Mr Masaru Ishii (now deceased), grafting master (especially on Shimpaku junipers) and one of the pioneers  of American bonsai. Mr Ishii’s son Gary, is now running Chikugo-en. the Ishii family bonsai nursery. A stop worth making if you’re in the L.A. area.


Michael's original photo. More room to breath


Close up by Michael


Another of Michael's closeups


One more...


Michael's facebook photo and a painting of Bodhidharma, 
a famous monk who lived in 5th or 6th century China

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