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Bonsai on a Man Made Rock from Scratch


rockBefore and after planting on a man made 'rock' by Marc Noelanders. No mention is made of the type tree or what the rock is made of. Still, the result is impressive and the photographic progression with the shaping of the rock is an added plus

We’ve shown a number of bonsai on synthetic rocks over the years. Mostly by Kimura, a pioneer in this medium (and other bonsai media as well). But this time it’s Marc Noelanders, a Western bonsai pioneer. What you  often see with this type planting is the finished product, but  this time we get a peek into the development of the rock rather than just the result


First comes the thought, then the sketch (lower right) and then the construction begins



A saw is used to establish the basic shape



Sculpted! Pretty impressive. No mention is made of the tool (or tools) used to create the holes, crevices and final texturing


A masterpiece!. It you would like to explore further and learn what was used to color the rock, how the rock is anchored in the pot, the type tree (looks like the could be fir) and other details, you could try contacting Marc (or there's always Youtube)


Cropped for a closer look at the rock, the foliage and the finishing touches on the soil surface

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