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Bonsai Superlatives


770ficushsieh-shun-chin1-500x3911 I'm running out of superlatives. How about... 'somewhere north of magnificent.' My only question is, could the pot be a little bigger? By Hsieh, Shun-Chin of Taiwan

Continuing with spectacular Ficus bonsai…
Though the Taiwanese aren’t alone, a large dose of creative bonsai energy seems to be emanating from that unique island. And it’s not just Min Hsuan Lo and Cheng, Cheng-Kung, they have plenty of talented company. If you want some evidence, check out the Taiwan Bonsai Creators Exhibitions

A little change of pace. The tree on the right (Hibiscus tiliaceus*) has the mark of Min. At least the Min Hsuan Lo many of us have come to know. The Crape myrtle in full bloom provides a touch of wildness and color. From the 2008 Taiwan Bonsai Creators Exhibition 

Powerful, unique and full of movement, though knowing our audience, I imagine some may feel that the foliage is overly groomed. Premna microphylla by Yang, Chun-Cheng
trunkcuTrunk, branches and pot of the tree at the top of the post

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