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Once in a While You Come Across a Bonsai Like This One


Here's Gabriel Romero Aguade's caption with this magnificent pine (no species is given)... "The first restyling in Jun-1991 with Noboru Kaneko sensei.
 30 years later everything is ready for the Crespi Cup."

I peruse photographs of quality bonsai all the time. Many are exceptional and every now and then I come across a tree like this. Power, elegance and natural beauty... I can imagine it part way up a mountain below the tree line standing alone. Maybe 35 feet tall, so strong that it seems to vibrate with energy
Continued below...


Yamadori, just dug. October,1989


With companion 

Continued from above...
Noting the difference between tree's humble beginnings (above) and where it stands now, here's something David Polehm, Bonsái Soto wrote about this tree in the comments...  "This bonsai is the perfect example that a simple tree can become exceptional with years of work well done. It's not about working it year by year, it's about getting it right, like you've done Gabriel Romero Aguade. Any tree, being an appropriate species, of course, can become a great bonsai. Obviously, the better material, the faster results are obtained, yes, with well-done work. Congratulations, Gabi, La Pina is amazing and every year, better.'





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