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Bunjin Bonsai - "Just Wait and the Trees Become Beautiful..."



Here's Edoardo Rossi's caption with this photo... "This is a picture of how this Mugo looks today, I think it's much improved. Master Kobayashi is always a great one. Just wait and the trees become beautiful, then if you also put in a little commitment, well, so much better." I cropped the original (just below) for a closer look at the tree). The same goes for all three trees shown here

I often get a little excited when I discover a new (new to me) bonsai artist. Today it's Edoardo Rossi who generously shares his gift for bonsai online. Often with a poetic description or comment. It's nice touch, even if we have to rely on machine translation (I tried to help the machine with just a little lite editing) 


Eduardo's original shot 


Here's what Eduardo wrote about this one... "Branching density, reduction of needles size, important themes in the search for the maturity of a bonsai. Then everything has its size: very small needles and very dense hair are not always ideal. This tree lives in its lightness that must be general. :-) it's nice to feel the wind passing through its branches...... :-)"


The original photo


"What is real beauty? Hard to understand, but above all to explain. Maybe, what we can do is go to the essence of things, remove everything that distracts us and enjoy reality. The Japanese define this as 'mono no' awareness, for me it's the simple beauty of nature."




Our Masters Series Pine Book
Because all three trees today are Pines

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