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Mixed Media Bonsai from Down Under



This unusual mixed media bonsai presentation was posted by the National Bonsai & Penjing Collection of Australia. Here's part of the caption... "Chinese Junipers set among moss, ferns and stones have been carefully trained for thirty years by Australian artist Syd Green to create this tranquil Penjing. Inspired by the beauty, digital artist Jane Long has transferred the Junipers into a magical realm...Here's your link if you'd like to read more

I don’t mind bonsai as part of mixed media settings. Experimentation is part of any art, though some experiments work better than others. In this case, I think the bonsai part of the presentation is excellent, with a lot of skill evident in expressing character, age, naturalness, balance etc. A lot of what you might look for in a bonsai. Nor do I object to the digital setting. It’s quite well done and evocative. Even magical (see their quote above). Though I would have liked to also see a photo of the just the tree, including its slab (assuming it has one)


Here's another one that gives a little more pause for thought. It was also posted by the National Bonsai & Penjing Collection of Australia using the same mixed media technique as above, though this time the size of the island is very small for such a large tree (artistic license?). Here's part of the caption .... "Nepal Juniper by Jane Long Photography. Bonsai and Penjing shot at the National Arboretum in Canberra in December 2017 and released into the wild! Bonsai artist - Jarryd Bailey" I was a little confused about the "released into the wild!," but I guess they're saying that this presentation gives the effect that the tree is growing in the wild.
 I'd never heard of Nepal juniper, though it turns out that it's a Juniperus communis  or Common juniper. A plant found in much of the Northern Hemisphere

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