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Bare Boned Bonsai with Persimmons & Brilliant Japanese Maple in Full Leaf



Luis Vallejo calls this Yama momji Japanese maple. Yama is mountain and momiji is Japanese maple (Acer palmatum). In English, you'll sometimes hear this variety referred to as Mountain maple, which is the original, naturally occurring Japanese maple. Because of the differences in the leaves, I'm guessing that this was originally several different trees that were planted very close together, rather than a clump planting


All the photos shown here are from Luis Vallejo's Jardin de Bonsai. With the exception of the tree above, they're all pieces of bonsai rather than the whole tree. You might call them art shots 

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Persimmons. We've featured several Persimmon bonsai lately. Now we've got one more in full fruit, though this time just the top half of the tree


Luis doesn't provide varieties for any but the top tree in today's post,
and we won't bother to guess on this one


This one could only be a Stewartis 


Looks like a flowering quince with a small yellow bird?


Olive anyone?





We'll leave this as simply Pine

 Luis Vallejo's bonsai are regulars here on Bark. If you've like to see more, here's a link to his timeline


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