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Rugged Bonsai in the Perfect Setting



The natural look. This photo captures two things I love about Eladan Gardens. The first is the rugged uncontrived feel that characterizes Dan Robinson's bonsai, and the second is the perfect setting. The tree is a Sierra juniper (Juniperus occidentalis).

We seem to be stuck on Sierra junipers lately, but who’s complaining? In this case it’s only one (see above and a closeup below) with several other non-Sierra photos to enrich the experience. This post (with some changes today) originally appeared in May 2016.

Back in May, 2016 I finally visited Dan and Diane Robinson’s magnificent Elandan Gardens. It was a quick visit and all I had to shoot with was my cell. So the photos aren’t nearly as good as most of the borrowed Elandan photos from previous posts. But some shots are unique and hopefully capture something of the magic of the place.


Stonehenge west with bonsai and flowers.



Water, sky, rocks, trees and a Weeping hemlock bonsai.

Dan Robinson is sometimes referred to as the Picasso of Bonsai. You can find the story and much more in this magnificent book….


THE book, if you really want to dig into Dan Robinson's bonsai. Photos, stories, techniques, everything. By agreement with Dan and Diane, we do not discount this exceptional book.



Another great view, another great bonsai. It's a large cascading pine in a large pot on a large sculptural stand.


There are bright spots throughout the Garden, but this one may be the brightest of them all. We don't have to say this is an Azalea.



There were so many trees and memory fades quickly so I won't bother to guess.


maincupCloseup of the Sierra juniper at the top of the post

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