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Snow Shoes & Bonsai


which pot

One American larch, four pots (plus the original pot below). All this images in this post were borrowed from Boon Manakitivipart (the image above is a composite that we put together).

Boon is at it again. This time it’s our prized local larch (Larix laricina). Around here we call it Tamarack (the Algonquian name that means “wood used for snowshoes”). No matter what you call it, it is in my opinion, by far the best local wild species for bonsai. Bar none.

This is one of several Which pot do you prefer? posts that were pieced together from Boon’s facebook posts. We originally posted it April, 2015 with some changes today.



Pot number 1



Pot number 2



Pot number 3



Pot number 4



The original pot.


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